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Sketch your Wedding Dream

Wedding is your day to marry and celebrate the love between you and your partner and what matters the most can be how you two share each moment throughout the day but still the wedding is an event where you gather you friends, family and relatives into one place to join along in sharing that happiness. Therefore, it is important to make sure that things go well and fun not only for the couple but also to all the guests who are there to see the cheerful moment of exchanging the “I do.”

Nothing comes easy in life and so is your wedding. It can be exciting to even think of the big day but the planning is what’s going to take up most of your time and energy as you will have to be focusing on the hall or hotel to hold the ceremony, the décor, the dresses and suits, the photographer, videographer and also your choice in wedding band hire in keeping the ceremony going plus in making the guests entertained. Here are some of the tips to keep in mind, if you wish to throw an epic party on your special day.

 Welcome Basket

You can welcome all your guests with a basket full of some gift items to make them feel cared for. If you are having the wedding somewhere far from town where your guests will have to fly or travel to get to the location, then giving them some necessary items like a road guide of nearby restaurant or drugstores, snacks and if you can throw in a bottle of vine for the special guests.

 Greet Everyone

This is another very important thing to do. People come from everywhere to be a part of your big day and everyone would want a great big hello and a warm hug to show them that you appreciate their presence on that day. You can thank them all in a speech but the feeling they get when you greet them personally is unbeatable. Therefore, it is very important to visit them at their table or to talk to them after the ceremony.

 Song Requests

Your choice of wedding band hire is one of the key decisions to be made for dancing floor and entertainment is one thing that majority of the guests wait for. If you can get a DJ or a band that can play songs at the request of the guests, it will simply be a blast on the dance floor. We all have certain songs that are shared among our friends or family with specific dance moves and letting them request the song they wish is like having a genie in the hall.

When you sketch your wedding dream, make sure that an epic party comes along with it for your friends and family would love a good time on that day. After all, what’s the purpose of having a wedding that is not fun for everyone?