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Enjoying Tea With The Slightest Of Twists

Who does not love tea? Most of us who have enjoyed the wonders of tea and its health benefits are fans thereafter and forever after. Tea is great for skin and complexion and can cure a lot of problematic issues in the body. Then adding a bit of a favorite twist into the regular tea can make it even more welcoming. To be enjoyed especially during heated summer evenings when the humidity seems to make your porch into a sauna, tea alcohols are the best.

Owl’s vodka

With a cute name and branded tea, this recipe is served across top nightclubs in Hong Kong. To get this recipe going, you will need the classic Owl’s brew tea, one part vodka of your favorite brand and some fresh lemon for garnishing. This is one of the easier drinks to make and also enjoy. You just have to mix the vodka and the tea together (make the tea as you wish) and then add the lemon pieces for garnishing. Use a highball glass to bring out the color of the tea.

Mango and plum lover

For those who want an exotic twist in their drinks, this is a favorite to have (and especially after you have had it in top nightclubs in Hong Kong). To make this awesome drink you will need your favorite tea, fresh orange juice, bourbon, Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka (or another brand of your preference) and plum and mango pieces (cubes are great). To make this recipe also you just have to make the tea, usually black tea is the best in blending with the other ingredients, and mix it with the other ingredients. Cool in the refrigerator until you are going to use this drink and then add the cubes of plums and mangoes when you are seeing the drink. If you want the flavors infused properly then add the pieces of fruits and the drink into a bottle and put it into the fridge for an overnight cooling session.

Sweet bourbon

If you are a lover of bourbon, then this would top the list of drinks to make of it. Black tea is great when infused with fruits as the tea’s flavors are more pronounced with the tangy fruity flavors. To make this thirst quencher you will need your favorite blend of black tea prepared along with your favorite bourbon bottle. Add these two together (as much bourbon as you want), along with agave syrup or honey, and then mix in some smashed mint and oranges (strain this mixture with a cloth) into the bottle. Then store this overnight in the fridge for some infusion time.

When serving alcoholic cocktails add a lot of ice cubes or crushed ice and serve with a sprig of mint or a slice of orange or some garnishing for the beautifying effect.